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Julian Wojtas Rookies 2022

Julian Wojtas Rookies 2022

by JulianWojtas on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I decided to showcase 3 portfoloi pieces that I have made during the specialization course at The Game Assembly. A lots of styles, as I like variation! :) I've came a long way, as I just started out with 3D 2 years ago and it's really fun to be able to show off the results of my hard work.

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Birdy and Narcyz

With this 2 week portfolio piece I decided to revisit an old concept of mine. A little bird protagonist, that stumbles upon a magic sword. Inspired by the sword in the stone, but with a little twist. 

Many thanks to my amazing classmates, that gave great and constructive feedback while I worked on this piece!


Cyberman here was based on a cool concept I found. I strayed quite a bit from it, as I wanted to give this freaky guy a bit more color, and a subtle retro vibe. This guy took around 3 weeks of work.


To finish off I redid a model I had made earlier during my classes. This cute horse. He took around 2 weeks, and the goal was to make a simple design with handpainted textures, that were quick to mix up and make new designs with.

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