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Sara Hermellin - Concept Art

Sara Hermellin - Concept Art

Sara Hermellin
by sarahermellin on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Those are some of the projects I did the last year at my school New3dge Concept Art ! I hope you like it

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We had to create three characters belonging to different guilds of the same world. I chose to do a huntress, a shaman and a designer.

Animal-based characters

The prompt was to create three characters with animal traits that would be based on the following professions: Bishop, bandit and fisherman.

Witch tree-house

A tree-house inhabited by witches in the middle of the forest !

The new Wisemen keyframes

A cyberpunk-mafia story that we've been working on in a group-setting. The goal was to design keyframes for a fictional movie based on the pitch of Samuel Lauro.

Here are two keyframes showing the car chase scene and the arrival at the strip-club.

Prop design

For this project, I designed a modular bagpack and a transformable shotgun/riffle gun.

Mood environment paintings

This project's goal was to create a simple environment and to iterate on the mood and atmosphere of our painting !

Vehicle design

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