VFX Projects - Taras Simkin

VFX Projects - Taras Simkin

Taras Simkin
by TarasSimkin on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These are some of my best works from the last year studying at CG Spectrum Houdini FX course. Each project was made as a result of FLIP, RBD or Pyro classes, allowing me to use everything I've learned so far.

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Rising Jedi Interceptor

For our FLIP project, we had to make an object interacting with an ocean surface. Inspired by Star Wars, I decided to create a scene of a ship rising from the water.

Water, whitewater, thrustsers, clouds and animations made by me in Houdini. Ship and ground models are from Sketchfab.

Giant and a Shop

For our RBD project, we had to destroy something. So I got an alien model from Mixamo and a little kiosk model from KitBash and made this scene.

Mini Explosion

For our Pyro project, I decided to create a car explosion. Grabbed a car model from Sketchfab, created oil on it, made the flames that travel to it and the explosion itself.

Chair Disintegration

This was a personal project I wanted to make after watching the new Matrix movie and the Matrix Awakens demo. Found an appropriate chair model on Sketchfab and made this little transformation and disintegration scene.

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