KISSAKI - Electric Racing Vessel

KISSAKI - Electric Racing Vessel

by LouisPossover on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Kissiaki is a high-performance watercraft intended to galvanize novel development in alternative, more environmentally conscious hyper-efficient and safe maritime vehicles.

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High-performance motorsport has always been the cradle of innovation. As such Project Kissaki aims to revolutionize the marine industry by establishing a new league of fully electric endurance regattas. 

In order to inspire a new industry-standard of environmentally friendly vessels Kissaki’s green regattas rank contestants not only on time/ speed, but also by their energy efficiency, thus galvanizing an exciting purpose to the development of highly efficient maritime propulsion systems and hull forms.

To develop the most efficient vessel possible Kissaki’s entire hull and superstructure were rethought and combined into a more compact, teardrop shaped form, which performs under minimal hydro- and aero-dynamic drag. Furthermore, an aft-situated hydrofoil lifts the majority of the keel above the water, thus further reducing drag, whilst allowing for a smoother ride.

Inspired by the Japanese katana-sword Kissaki’s reversed bow slices any oncoming waves, thus protecting the main structure of the ship. 

Due to Kissaki’s inherent lack of a traditional hull to superstructure layout the very essence of a watercraft’s operation was redesigned towards a more ergonomic, streamlined and safer innovative approach.

As such Kissaki lacks a traditional under-deck interior and rather provides the opportunity for an external, self-contained habitation pod to be lowered into the hull of the vessel. This pod houses both the crew quarters and cockpit. The inclusion of a pod not only greatly streamlines and optimizes crew-movement, but in addition also facilitates an increased level of user-centered customization. Furthermore, the pod is fully watertight, hence also acting as fully functional, sealed life raft in case of emergencies.  

Despite the lack of traditional front windshields the pod is equipped with a fully immersive, high-precision helm layout, which is achieved though large screens encapsulating the helmsmen and feeding them crucial live footage and meteorological information. 

Iconic and smooth volumes not only aid in aerodynamics, but also allows for large, blank canvases for racing liveries and sponsorship emblems/ logos, thus also becoming a lucrative advertisement medium in the maritime sports world. 

Ships have changed only very little during the past decades. Whilst Kissaki only marks one concept vessel it has the power of galvanizing and inspiring an entirely new standard for hyper-efficient operation and safety not only in the sports but also commercial and industrial maritime worlds.

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