Nostromo Hypersleep Chamber And A Xenomorph

Nostromo Hypersleep Chamber And A Xenomorph

Angelo de Azevedo Batista
by aze1 on 31 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Based on the first Alien Movie I modeled here my main Environment in Maya and a Xenomorph which was the first Work in Zbrush for me. Inspired by the fantastic Creations of H.R. Giger

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 I modeled the hypersleep cabins in maya and took a fan art concept by ian stewart as a template and first created the basis to bring in more and more of my ideas in the further course and to promote my creativity. The Render of the first picture is the complete Scene and with smoothed edges in 4K. I worked with an Atmosphere and used blue fog and 4 Area Lights, kept the 4 lights dark to create an eerie mood.

Cycles X Render of the complete Scene with hard Edges and l´il changes in 4K.In this render i kept it brighter to create a contrast.

Here the wireframe in Blender. I have chosen a black and white because I think it is very good to see in this combination.

Here the greyshot in Blender with an Atmosphere with blue fog..

a small Vertigo.

The Uvs for the Environment.

Arnold 4K Render of my Xenomorph. This was my first work in Zbrush and I immediately started well and have found my way and and had enough space for my creativity. As a big fan of creatures I have chosen a Xenomorph and created him according to my own ideas. The Original Concept is from Fabrizio Lavezzi. I gave him here a light rustle in green / turquoise in Arnold to get in addition to my texture in Substance Painter a special touch.

side render with highlights in Arnold.

To get a different composition I also did a 4K render in Cycles X here. Here I didn't change anything in the textures and left them as I created them in Substance Painter.

front render with highlights.

different views ,background colors and one hard shadow in Cycles X.

finished sculpting in Zbrush.

retopo of the Xenomorph in Maya

Uvs in Maya. I tried a few cuts to get the best result for me and not to see any cuts later in Substance Painter or in the rendering.

Here are some highlights from the scene, like the monitor and the monitoring underneath in 80s style, matching a science fiction book, some coffee mugs and space boxxes.The First one with a little highlight effect on the Monitor.

a different view of things.

the front desk,rendered and material view only.

a small easter egg "a book about science fiction" from Mike Ashley.

Here is my Space Boxx which I modeled in Maya and tried some different designs before I decided to do this one. Some parts on the boxx were not quite without and also the handle on top has cost some nerves;) before it then went to Substance Painter and I used for texturing decals with the inscription Chemical Weapons.

Concept Art: Hypersleep Chambers by Ian Stewart

Concept Art: Alien by Fabrizio Lavezzi

Book Cover by Mike Ashley( Author)

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