Environnement / Character

Environnement / Character

by EvaPringault on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I just completed the first year of the common program at New3dge. Here is a bunch of my best works. Thanks to the projects below I learnt software like 3dsmax, Vray, Zbrush and photoshop.

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Set production

My bedroom

Here is the outcome of my second biannual project. I’ve chosen to fully reproduce my bedroom. The modeling was produced on 3ds Max and for some props on Zbrush. And, I used Vray for shaders and lights. Three weeks were necessary to achieve this project.

Night Version

Viking Interior

The following work is my final two weeks project. The subject was to render a Viking interior that we designed a week before. I worked with 3ds Max and Vray for the beauty rendering and Photoshop for the compositing and color grading.

In this home, a Viking weaver and her son live together in a very warm and cozy mood.

Still Life

For this project, the 3D models were given by the school. I produced the composition, shaders, lights, compositing and color grading thanks to 3ds Max and Vray. I tried to induce a sense of stillness in this scene.


Amalia, Wakfu

This sculpt of Amalia, a stylized character from Wakfu, is the result of my first week of Zbrush initiation.

Saurfang, WOW

This chara was carried out during my second week of Zbrush class. I used the World of Warcraft's cinematics as references to sculpt Saurfang's bust.

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