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A game teaser project, developed by 5 students in the span of 4 months as our second year creative project at University of Hertfordshire! Join Jikai and his water spirit, Cahya, on a journey through the mountains to free the great temple from a terrible curse.

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Core team

Darina Koycheva - Technical Art, Props

Diana Karakushyan - Environment Art, Lighting, Props

Catarina Rees - Environment Art, Props

Jay Mooney - Character Art

Rose Tolley - Animation


Charlie Watkins - Sound Design and Music

Callum Beadle - Tileable Textures

Arnaud Claudet - Foliage Pack

Anna Sonkina - Animation

Katerina Koleva - Animation

Lloyd Hickman - Animation

Lewis Reynolds - Animation

Andrew Zimmerman - Rock Simulation

Guarav Garg - Rigging

Jash Fernandez - Rigging


Sunset Scene

Night Scene

Prop Showcase

Concept Art

Third Party Assets

Quixel Megascans – landscape textures, decals and additional props - Water lake textures

AutoLandscape Material by Unreal Sensei

Volumetric Clouds by Michael Kinsey

Otter model by Chester9292 at Sketchfab

Fluid Ninja Live and Tools Student Version 

Earthquake Sound by Reitanna at

Teeth by Myriam Farraces Garcia

Procedural Eye Generator by Soi

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