Keelin MacGregor
by KRMacGregor on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Entwined is a third-person single-player game demo created in Unreal Engine 4, where two characters are controlled by a single controller to explore an environment with a rich history. Created for a final year solo games project at the University of Hertfordshire.

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Keelin Rose MacGregor - Director | Concept Artist | Character Artist | Environment Artist | Animator | Technical Artist | Editor

James Digby - Music Composition | Sound Effects | Audio Implementation

The Environment

A small and abandoned gothic church, covered in carvings and stained glass that harken back to an ancient religion. This was all created by me, barring the assets credited in my video, from the concept art, to modelling, to implementation in UE4 including hand drawn stained glass windows.

Ram and Wolf

The main playable characters of this single-player experience. Split aspects of the mother-Goddess of the Earth that were forged in stone and brought to life by a mysterious power, the player must learn to co-ordinate their actions - using both thumb sticks on a controller to move them - in order to explore the environment and complete puzzles.

The Mixamo rigs and animations did not work with my characters proportions and the skinning deformed my characters as well - causing things like their knees and fingers to have very curved bends when I wanted them to stay sharp and deforming the stone around their joints. I had to redo the skinning, move joints around so everything moved better and re-animate, using the mixamo versions as references, so I could get the more relaxed and childish animations that I desired.

The Goddess

The final vestige of a deity that was once revered, but now the religion is long dead. This statue serves as the centre-piece of the environment. Like the Venus De Milo, the statue using metal tenons to attach the arms and after such a long period of abandonment it has started to fall apart.

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