Saint Peter's handmade 3D texture

Saint Peter's handmade 3D texture

cristi rivero
by cristirivero on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

And I tell you, you are THE ROOKIES, and on this ROCK TEXTURE I will build my CREATIVITY, and the gates of UNHAPPINESS shall not prevail against it.

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And I tell you, you are THE ROOKIES, and on this ROCK TEXTURE I will build my CREATIVITY, and the gates of UNHAPPINESS shall not prevail against it.


- I am not necessarily participating to win the prize offered by The Rookies.
- I am participating to win support from people.
- I am using this contest by The Rookies as a free hosting service for my talent.

Project info


Main info
- Product: handmade texture
- Use: texture for videogames

Concept info
- Idea: building rock
- Aesthetic: 2D-3D

Technical info
- Output format: 2D texture maps (.TGA), 3D material (.MTL)
- Dimensions: 4096x4096 px
- Resolution: 300 ppp
- Software used: Clip Studio Paint, Materialize and Marmoset Toolbag


- Poly Haven:
- Google Images:

- Clip Studio Paint (paid):
- Materialize (open source):
- Marmoset Toolbag (paid):

Pipeline process


Being proposed to make a handmade rock texture

Looking for images in Google and find a building rock texture


Creation of a main texture and
 different maps for the texture: albedo, ambient occlusion, normal (bump), color, etc.

Import the maps to Materialize, adjusts the parameters, improve the texture maps and generate a material.


Preview testing
Import the material into Marmoset Toolbag and applied to a 3D sphere (Quixel Sphere).

Preview rendering
Render an animated preview of the 3D sphere with the material

STATUS: done

(minor fixes can still be made if given enough support)


- undo lineart so the texture can have better 3D depth
- use better brush adjustments to avoid aliasing
- any minor suggestion from people
- apply Liam Collod's advice


The prize I want to win with this entry in The Rookies is support from the people who can see my talent.

- kind words to keep me motivated: cheering, praising, etc.
- feedback: constructive and polite advice to improve my art
- beta-testing: test the pilot-projects I make if they are meant to be used for a pipelined workflow (ex. textures)
- learning resources: sources of learning in a free-paced way, if possible
- exposure: expose my talent to more people via social and job media, or expose those people to me so I can talk to them
- texture proposals: ideas to improve textures or make new ones
- art proposals: how to improve my creativity and use it in more ways
- career advice: how to offer my talent to people
- selling advice: how to sell my art in the best way possible (Gumroad, Ko-Fi, Patreon, YouTube, etc.)
- money: commission requests, job offers, patronizing, etc. (I am eating from food coupons, ngl lol)
- everything else: any other type of support you can offer

Future projects

I want to use my talent to create anything that can make people happy.
I have been (I still am) in a blocked situation, but people is helping me survive without even knowing.
And I want to pay people back with my good intention, empathy, hope, creativity and effort.

Texture packs
- Handmade texture packs for videogames
- Premise: pilot free texture pack + future paid texture packs

- Fanart project of music videoclip series inspired in a popular manga
- Premise: feeling a filler character in your own story and losing your own dream so your family can fulfill their own

- Original project of indie videogame inspired in best-selling AAA videogames and my own father
- Premise: man with dementia is sent to another planet and tries to go back to Earth with his family

- Fanart project of an audiovisual movie or episodes inspired in a popular Japanese movie and current real world situation
- Premise: ideas are the most infectious viruses; everything is infected and the vaccine is love

- Fanart project of a sound novel inspired in a popular Japanese sound novel
- Premise: humans are much more powerful magic users than witches

Fanart project of using my talent to thank music groups that saved my life
Premise: anything I can do, but mostly graphic arts and animation

Original project of music videoclips and comic series made of autobiographical stories; IFL-project analog to Sidereum Sperantia
Premise: protagonist suffering from daydreaming and dissociative disorders is taught magic by their Master and both try to change the world so people can be happy without depending on metaverse
Note: IFL= in fiction/fantasy life

- Original project of using my talent to change the world the most effective way; IRL-project analog to SURSUM CORDA
- Premise: i don't have good genes, but I do have good memes

If any of these projects look appealing to you, please, let me know with your support.
You will find the supported projects in my profile.


Abetus (Álvaro Ródenas)

- Talent: hard-surface 3D modeler and texturer
- Contribution: feedback, technical help, testing
 More info:

Loved ones

- Talent: all kinds of support
- Contribution: keeping me alive so I can use my creative talent to change the world
- More info: friends, family, citizens, Internet people, associates, dissociates

(I want to credit you specifically someday)

Thank you for everything!

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