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A widowed sailor travels to a Desolate Beach in search of a mythical creature that can bring his wife back.

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Nerida follows a widowed sailor who travels to a desolute beach in search of a mythical creature to bring his wife back from the dead.

Nerida is the final year film of 6 VFX students from the University of Hertfordshire.

Joseph Allerton - Creature Modelling, Rigging, CFX & Blendshape Modelling

Sebastian Brandow - Compositing, Previs, DOP, Layout and Tracking, Matte- Painting & Shoot Production Coordinator

João Calisto - Lighting, Technical Director, Shot Lookdev, Pipeline, Rendering & On Set Lighting Capture

Hugo Allert - Texturing, Lookdev, Environment Modelling, Shoot Production Coordinator & Casting

Agnieszka Sanigórska - Lead Animator & Character Actress

Isobel Hine - Concept Artist, Art Direction & Storyboard Artist

Márlon Gouveia - Soundtrack, Sound Mixing & Foley Soundtrack

Abel Weston - The Sailor

Jacqueline Rowland - Nerida Voice Actress

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