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Benjamin Oman - Character and Creature work

Benjamin Oman - Character and Creature work

Benjamin Oman
by Phrox on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These were my first big steps in zBrush and trying to combine all my previously learned knowledge from creating a game ready asset to implementing it into a game engine and then using the tools to my advantage and produce an immersive render by posing my work and creating an atmospheric environment for them to live in.

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Alumon - Battle Chasers: Nightwar

This is my first sculpted character that I have done, following the concept art of Joe Madart. Since I was able to pickup some foundations of Unreal Engine, I decided to create my Character using Maya, zBrush and Substance Painter and then bring him inside UE4 in order to create a nice looking render that should present Alumon within a subtle but well looking Environment using Megascans Assets. 

Starting from Maya blockout to male basemesh

Male basemesh with armor blockout to hold cloth in Marvelous Designer and afterwards bringing it into zBrush and starting to work on the global shapes and adding in all the armor and clothing parts. In the beginning very rough and afterwards going into detail to make everything look beautiful. Afterwards I did the retopology and UVs in Maya and afterwards moved on to texture Alumon and create a basic render in Marmoset Toolbag, before I worked on the UE4 render.

Additionally I created his whip and shield using the same workflow

Darksiders Genesis: Hellhound

As my second entry I want to present my first sculpted creature. I catched the concept art of the Hellhound and was instantly drawn into creating it and therefore decided to work on this piece. I used the same workflow as with Alumon (Hellhound was created before the character tho). 

Some WIP screenshots

Renders inside Marmoset Toolbag

Highpoly render and basic armature for posing

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