Mingyuan Li 3D Environment Narrative Short

Mingyuan Li 3D Environment Narrative Short

by mingyuanli044 on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This narrative short is my MFA graduation thesis. I try to tell a story only by environment and camera moves as I'd like to push myself in storytelling in environment art.

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This is a story about a Chinese woman who came to Paris, France seeking an opportunity to make money to support her struggling family overseas.

Title "Nobody" suggests that the bottom of society is invisible to this big cosmopolitan. And it also says that there is no character presented in this narrative short. 

The production involves Maya / Zbrush / Marvelous Designer as modeling tools, Substance Painter / Substance Designer / Quixel Mixer for texturing. And the environments are layed out & rendered in Unreal 4.26.  Final shorts are edited in Premiere Pro. 

Visual Story Roadmap

Key Frame - Bunkbed Environment

Key Frame - Bathroom Kitchen

Key Frame - Redlight District Alleyway

Key Frame- Job Poster Bulletin Board

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