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Rhythm of Time & Think Different

Rhythm of Time & Think Different

by KeanWei on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Showcase of two projects i did in my final year of digital media design in The One Academy.

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Rhythm of Time

Music devices evolve over the time, but one thing doesn’t change is that they decorates time by playing music to our ears.

The 3 sets of videos portray the fact that Music devices evolve over the time and how they decorates different era with their unique traits. 

The first scene represents vinyl records and turntable that were invented in 40s alongside m&m and scrabbles. The second scene shows cassette which belongs to the 60s like the beatles. Whereas the last scene stands for walkman which was popular back in the 90s.


Final videos

Compliation video


Key visuals

Think Different

An Apple 3D motion graphic manifesto that revisits the philosophy of "Think Different" of Apple by translating it into metaphorical motion visuals with moving spheres as characters in the story and showing different perspectives in transitions and other scenes.


Final video

Project plan

Concept exploration

Voiceover script

Av script

Visual Language

Initial storyboard

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