Shadow of Babel

Shadow of Babel

Shadow of Babel is a roguelite with a post-apocalyptic futuristic aesthetic. In this videogame players will have to discover what has happened and who has caused such a disaster while they ascend the Tower of Babel.

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We are an independent studio, founded in November 2020 by a group of people passionate about video games who believe in a closer and more constant relationship between developers and players, creating games by and for them.

Shadow of Babel is our first great game created entirely by us, with a launch forecast in 2022. We are made up of a team that combines people with years of experience in game development with youth profiles that provide up-to-date knowledge on trends in the market and working methods.

Using the latest technology to create engaging worlds, full of magic and mystery, here at Pemperor Games we focus on delivering a new generation of gaming experiences through storylines and innovative mechanics.

The core of the game is based on the sin system in which, for different actions within the tower, you will receive both a bonus and a “punishment”, representing the 7 deadly sins. Thus, a system of 21 options is established in which each sin can be taken up to a third degree, with the only limitation that there are only 7 slots that you will have to control and manage according to your needs, making each run unique and customizing it to your own style while exploring all its mysteries.

In addition to this, there is a variety of firearms and a skill tree to increase the feeling of constant progression, resulting in one of the games of the genre with the greatest playable variety of those that have been seen in recent years.

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