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Martin Teillet
by mteillet on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Bourdonnement is a graduation shortfilm from Esma Nantes, directed by: Pierre-Louis Bouron, Zoé Chataigner, Lena Hosdez, Aude Mahieux, Mélanie Rohmer, and Martin Teillet.

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Luis, a married sculptor, can't stop himself from spying on his neighbour when he discovers a hole in his apartment's wall, and starts to recreate her in clay while hearing a strange buzzing.

Early tests on insects from the shortfilm

Early tests on the characters

Stills from the sets

Full Movie

Directed by:

- Pierre-Louis Bouron

- Zoé Chataigner

- Léna Hosdez

- Aude Mahieux

- Mélanie Rohmer

- Martin Teillet

Original Score :

- Laurent Vang (Blanktone Studio)

Cellist :

- Pauline Renaud

Sound Design, Sound Editing, Mixing:

- Jose Vicente

- Baptiste Le Blanc

- Tristan Le Bozec

- Studio Des Aviateurs

Stills from the movie

- Warning, spoilers

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