MECHAUSSIER Mathieu - UMIKO Lighting

MECHAUSSIER Mathieu - UMIKO Lighting

by MathieuMechaussier on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! Here is my submission for the Rookies as a New3dge Student. I wish to become a lighting artist so here is my work as a lighting artist on this project. If you want, you can also check my artstation for more of my work here:

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Hello! Welcome to UMIKO, our final student project.  I'm Mathieu MECHAUSSIER, I wish to be a lighting artist for games!

We spend one year working on it and I'm very proud to show what I did for the project. I was in charge of the lighting for Umiko, but also of the animation and I contribute a lot to the Level Art. 

Here are the rest of the team, you should check their AMAZING work!
-Gustave Besnard; Art Director & Character Artist
-Thomas Corvée; FX Artist & Cinematic Artist
-Aniss Laghsas; Technical Artist & UI Artist
-Francois Larrieu; Environment Artist & Foliage Artist
-Maxime Lecas; Props Artist & Level Artist
-Joe Rodrigues; Environment Artist & Props Artist

Now I will show you a glimpse of what I did this year for the project. I hope you will enjoy it!

UMIKO - Beauty Shots & Ambiance Videos - Golden Garden

UMIKO - Beauty Shots & Ambiance Videos - Lavender Fields

UMIKO - Beauty Shots & Ambiance Videos - Green Hills

UMIKO - Ambiance Video - Kurage's Domain 

UMIKO - Breakdown Lighting

You will find here some tools I create and some process I use to do the lighting inside the game UMIKO. The tools you will see helped the team to build the world more efficiently, or helped us to keep the game smooth and save some performance, or were made in an artistic purpose. I hope you will find something interesting in this video and enjoy it!

This project was a really cool project! I'm glad I worked with such an amazing team! I would like to thank them once again for everything they did for this project and for the good mood they brought this year! Keep being awesome dudes! And I would like to thank YOU for watching and (I hope) enjoying my stuff!!

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