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26  and Wetland Creatures

26 and Wetland Creatures

Anushen Vishvanathan
by anushenvishva on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello!!. My passion has always been drawing. I recently graduated from CG Spectrum in Concept Art, and these are some of the projects I began for my portfolio this year.

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'26' is a project I've been working on for months. The Character is set in a cyberpunk world. In this dystopian world, Due to unfairness in the economical disparity, The society plunges into chaos. The city is overrun with drugs and violence. The character Zara is a trained bounty hunter who lost her arm in the mission. In order for her to survive, she has to be fierce and ruthless.

For this project, I have used Photoshop, Blender, Fusion 360 and Substance Painter. 

The process of mixing and matching different outfits and props.

Final Variation with some lighting on. 

The Supercharger idea was created for the gun. The gun is powered by plasma energy that has been compressed into a single cell.

'Plasma Gun Zeta' draws energy from the compact cell and instantly kills its target with lethal ionized energy.

The gun's internal mechanisms

'The Robot AI' is the world's leading pharmaceutical corporation. This firm owns products ranging from prostheses to the most recent line of products, cyborgs. One of the items in the collection is the character's prosthetic arm.

The Band translates muscular pulses into signals that are received by the circuitry in the prosthesis's arm-end. The image below depicts the differences between heavy and light mechanisms. The latter is used for engineering and other tasks that require extreme precision.

The Final Character with the props.

The Final Illustration of the character.

Wetland Creatures

Wetland's Golden Stoat

The Wetland Golden Stoat is a tiny marshland mammal. Because of their leafy fur coats and tiny size, the critters are far more elusive.

Alpine Zealots

For the wetland creature series, I wanted to make a predator creature. The thumbnailing and keywords are shown in the image. Taking Jon Kuo's creature anatomy and Steve Hampton's animal anatomy classes was incredibly helpful in understanding the foundation and muscle structure required to build believable creatures.

Finals Concept of the creature

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