Character and vegetation designs-First Participation

Character and vegetation designs-First Participation

by rolanlopez on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my first participation at The Rookies as a character artist and prop designer. This year is my first regulated year studing concept art and ilustration.

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This is a bunch of fantasy birdlike robots that made for a dnd campaign, the owl was the main character and the other two were his brothers.

This is a team made up with a barbarian draconian, a human assasin, a human paladin and a naga bard.

These were made for  a campaign set in a fantasy medieval age, all have a noble descent.

These mushrooms were designed for a futuristic alien world.

These are a gigantic futuristic medieval robots. I use some medieval armours as an inspiration and huge fantasy weapons.

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