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Arthur Ripert - Concept art

Arthur Ripert - Concept art

Arthur Ripert
by arthurripert on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi I'm a french student at New3dge Concept art graduating this year! Thoses concept were made during the past 2 years.

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Graduation project

The goal with this project was to create video game characters set in the univers of the french comic book Lastman created by Bastien Vivès, Balak and Michaël Sanlaville.

Martin Monroe, a soldier from the Great War ends up in a medieval fantasy world, The Valley of the Kings.

- Martin Monroe -

- The Three Kinglets -




Game art projects

Concept I've made for small game art projects at New3dge .

Umiko, a family friendly top down game.

Down in the Twilight Zone (DITZ), a first person horror game in a crashed submarine.

Down in the twilight zone concepts were made in collaboration with Tanguy Macq.

Umiko game art team: Gustave Besnard, Aniss Laghsas, Mathieu Mechaussier, François Larrieu, Joe Rodrigues, Thomas Corvée, Maxime Lecas

DITZ game art team: Alexis Arnould, Alice Bigey, Mahina Barthez, Noémie Monin, Benoît Sablé, William Tomasi

VFX project

Concept made for the short film Tribes, about a kid from a peaceful tribe getting enrolled by masked and armed tribal warriors

Weaponary room and the shooting warriors shots were done later in the process as part of paintovers

VFX team: Raphaël Jolivet, Mélodie Tanier, Lucile Mangenot, Emmanuel Kurukulasuriya, Ilowna Lust, Alexandre Canivet, Diane Nuty, Dimitri Besnard

Thank you to all the teachers that shared their knowledge with us.

Aurélien Fournier and Fabien Roumazeilles for creating the concept art class and the contest that gave me this awesome and life changing opportunity.

And all the New3dge team.

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