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Souvenir, an EEVEE Short Film

Souvenir, an EEVEE Short Film

by beyondstories on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I'm 23 now. And I'm fully experiencing the Adventure of life. But with adventure come changes. I'm afraid of change. As it feels so comfortable right there, behind. Where Memories rest. But thank God, a Memory cannot be repeated.

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They say constraints generate creativity and art! Well… I kinda had no choice. I got sick of complaining about my computer, my setup, my graphic card, blablaba… So, I thought: isn’t there a way to just create simple yet meaningful frames to express myself? I just wanted to express myself.

My name is Elias by the way. I’m a hobbyist 3D and VFX artist, and I intend to soon become a freelance 3D artist. In the meantime, here’s my entry: Souvenir, a short film that allowed me to express myself about my current fear of change.

It all started with writing, because that’s the reason why I want to create meaningful visual art: to fuel a message. So, I wrote. Freely, sincerely and passionately. And then… it became less funny as I had to list the constraints I’d have to face: only real-time rendering (Blender EEVEE), forget about photoreal otherwise my computer would kill itself. Limited use of modeling…cause I’m simply not really good at that! Oh and I don’t know how to animate a character so I’d fully have to rely on resources like

But enough of negative thoughts. I had drawn the limits of the frame, it was time for the counter-attack: listing my strengths to make some creativity grow! I grew up shooting short-films and all sorts of videos, so, I knew I was good at cinematic composition. And I’ve fallen in love with lighting and environment art and design. It seemed enough to build a vision, even though I knew I’d have to gain quite some knowledge along the way. (don't judge my storyboard)

The first days of work we’re split into designing and learning as I deeply wanted to learn every single trick to get the best out of Blender EEVEE. I also learned about hard surface texturing, before challenging myself into modeling a Pendulum! (cause as you know, I suck at modeling).

But I gathered my references and, after few tries, I actually managed to get a result I’m quite proud of!

This was the trick: having a vision, using my strengths and assets as a foundation, and adding what needed to be added through learning and practice.

And without noticing it, I had gone out on an Adventure of four months. An adventure made of failure, knowledge, practice, and of course: storytelling and deep satisfaction.

I had divided my short into three sequences: The Pendulum Room, The Corridor of Memories, and The Cyclic Dominoes (as I love to call them!). And when I finally ended up rendering them and color grading them in After Effects, it was time for me to go back home: Premiere Pro and Editing, the art I have been practicing since forever! It was home sweet home: derushing, editing, sound designing and subtitling.

Until the end of the road, and the final export.

Thanks for watching the final product of a very personal Adventure. I learned a lot during the process, and I can’t wait to express myself again, and to learn forever.

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