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ICHOR - VR Melee Wave Shooter

ICHOR - VR Melee Wave Shooter

by berengerqr and pierrem on 21 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Ichor is a VR Game with an asymetric multiplayer co-op feature where you have to defend an objective from human's attacks.

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ICHOR is a VR Game with an asymetric co-op multiplayer in LAN. The first is in VR and play a melee fighter on the ground, the second player is on a PC and play a Drone who can fly, shoot, and heal the VR Player.
Together they have to defend the Ichor, the source of their life, from human's attack.

The VR Character is a powerfull melee fighter. He has two small blades for kill enemies and a special power. For use his special power, he just have to draw a symbol for launch it.

The Drone player is a range fighter who can fly. He can shoots on enemies and heal the VR Character. If you want to do more damage to enemies, he can find some "Turret Slots" on the map, go on it, and transform himself into a turret. In this form, he can't move, and his energy go down with time... but, he do clearly more damages.

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