Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards

Aina Barceló Jordana
by ainabarcelo on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

The set of images below were produced during the Architectural Visualisation course at School-ing, Madrid.

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Torremuelle, a room with a sea view - Estudio Primitivo González

I decided to model and recreate Apartamento Torremuelle mainly because of its minimalistic aesthetic. This allowed me to focus on the creation of certain materials, lighting and the composition of the images, which I found to be a challenging process. My aim was to try different lighting environments, as well as practice matte painting during post-production.

Humble Pizza Restaurant - Child Studio

The purpose of this project was to develop a hospitality space. It was a great opportunity to further develop my modelling skills in scenarios where the recreation of bespoke furniture is needed.

Integration exercise - The Corten House

Throughout this activity, I learned about the importance of camera projection in urban projects such as architectural restorations and new builds.

I chose this photograph and decided to integrate a contemporary façade inspired by the Corten-Steel Clad House by Zecc Architecten. Because of the picture’s characteristics and camera projection, I was able to change the lighting of the overall image with the aim of enhancing the façade’s materiality. 

Casa del Limonero - Taller Estilo Arquitectura

This was my first image flying solo after finalising the course at School-ing. I felt like I was able to apply all concepts learned during the course to create a successful image. 

And now... Onwards and upwards! 

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