ITOTHIS - 2022 Portfolio (Concept art / Illustration)

ITOTHIS - 2022 Portfolio (Concept art / Illustration)

Mikeala Kylene Peters
by Mitiaopa on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi! I am Mikki, I'm a 24 year old studying concept artist at Voxel School. This is a collection of a personal project turned TTRPG with illustrations I have created during my time studying. I am always learning and hoping to inspire others along the way!

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The Fall of the Heavens has laid siege to Itothis. 

The Gate separating the Fae and Mortal realm has been destroyed, unleashing war between the Higher and Dragonic Gods. 

Great chasms scar the landscape, opening pits to the Core. Remnants of celestial battles scatter the world: Undead armies roam the west, Eldritch horrors ascend from the depths, indescribable terrors prowl the lands lawlessly as forgotten Sentinels protect what monuments are left to their fallen gods. Faith and trust in the Divine has been shaken.

In an act of desperation, the universe created new Gods to try and restore balance. You are a Godling, recently coming into your awakening. Blessed with your Divine gifts, you will face great feats with your Pantheon to rise to full Godhood. It is up to you how you will hone your powers and influence the world around you. Will you restore balance or fall as other Gods have before you?

Who will you trust along your path? 

Itothis is full of history and lore that is forever expanding, throughout the world you will meet unique individuals who will guide you through your journey into Godhood.

The Good, the Bad, and the Desperate.

You will encounter several Divines throughout your journey. Some seek alliances, while others seek your demise. With the Core now open and an ancient evil returning from the depths, both Higher and Dragonic Gods find themselves struggling to maintain control.

Old Nightmares Awaken.

In the Gods reckless grasp for dominance, great chasms dot the terrain. Leading directly into the Core. Undenounced to those above, something lies in wait below. 

With war comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes power. 

Some mortals have taken matters into their own hands to ensure their survival. Making pacts with the Tar in hopes they can live to see another day while the Heavens fall around them. Little do they know the consequences of their own actions. 

The Gate Breakers. 

Now that the veil between the two realms has been ripped open, who really has time to ask how this all happened? Perhaps you can find answers and begin to right some of the worlds wrongs.

Items and Scenery

You can't go into a Holy War unarmed?! ... or can you? When your Gifts fail, you need to rely on might. The realm is crawling with danger, so take these to keep you safe. 

Character Illustration Breakdown

Character Design and Illustration is my favorite part of world building. I always start with a variety of references and sketches to get a feel of the characters style and personality. 

Once I decide on a face, I then go into zBrush and sculpt a bald head version of said character. I use this as reference so I can better understand facial anatomy... and its just fun to have a collection of disembodied heads sitting in a folder. Who doesn't love explaining that? 

Itothis is a personal world setting that was originally developed for a comic series I was creating, with recommendation from my friends and fellow players it has been adapted into a TTRPG. It can be used with pre-existing game systems such as D&D and GodBound.

My main inspiration and foundation for this project came from my love of gaming and world building. I want to give a huge thank you to my friends and everyone from Voxel School for the kindness and opportunity to learn with you all. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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