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Environment and Prop Portolio

Environment and Prop Portolio

Carmen Revuelta
by carmenrevuelta on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Temple Interior Environment and Maple Tree Hero Prop created during my Master Degree at Voxel School.

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Temple Interior - Environment Art

Last environment done at Voxel School.

I used Quixel Megascans for the plants and the bricks, as it was also a part of the learning objectives.

Since it was a portfolio piece, I used displacement for the floor and columns, but it's still playable as I created the collisions (last image).

Special thanks to my teachers Joaquín Otazu and Gonzalo De Francisco, for their lessons and constant feedback.

Concept by:

Maple Tree - Hero Prop Art

Hero prop made with 8.855 tris and 1 set of 4k textures.

This was one of the projects I made during the masters degree in Voxel School. Thanks to Antonio Pons for his feedback and help, I loved doing a stylized prop! It was really fun to sculpt and paint, and the animation was a bit improvised but I enjoyed it cause some time ago I wanted to be an animator 🙂

Concept by Justin Chan:

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