Cloudtrail Islands

Cloudtrail Islands

Kate McNamara
by alexchahill and chefkay on 30 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Cloudtrail Islands is a college project that was born out of our desire to create a game that allows players to destress and unwind as they immerse themselves in a vivid world.

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In Cloudtrail Islands, you take the role as Wendy, a newcomer to rural Cloudtrail County. Using your unique skills with a glider, soar between the floating islands in the sky, collecting items and befriending the locals as you settle down and become part of the community.

Play Cloudtrail Islands here:

With Cloudtrail Islands we wanted to create a game that allows players to relax, to escape the pressures of their lives for a few minutes, and indulge in feel-good gameplay, soothing music, and pleasing visuals.

The gliding mechanic was chosen over a flying mechanic, as we felt that players would feel more satisfaction from building up momentum and using the winds to propel themselves through the world. This provided a challenge to players, while not stressing them out with complicated controls or tricky platforming puzzles.

The visuals were intended to evoke feelings of simplicity, with a heavy focus on recognisable colour palettes. We wanted our players to know from a glance that our game was Cloudtrail Islands.

For audio, we wanted the players to feel relaxed, happy and immersed focusing on nice melodic soundtracks and world ambience that adapt to the time of day.

With the narrative, we hoped to allow players to really feel as if they’re growing closer with the villagers as time goes on. In the beginning, characters are polite, but not revealing to the player. As the relationship progresses, players will learn more about the townsfolk, and begin to see some flaws in their personality, which the characters will then open up about. When players are at full hearts, the villagers will be very close with the player, and will have tried their best to overcome the difficulty in their lives. This should leave the player feeling very satisfied with the knowledge that through their friendship, they were able to help out a friend in need.

The concept art for our main character Wendy!

Our mayor, Monika, from the concept art stage all the way to her final 3D model!

Our ten original characters that players will befriend as they glide through Cloudtrail County.

Some of the items that can be found around Cloudtrail County.

A taste of how the islands evolved from their block-out stage to their final versions!

We would love for you to play our game and give us some feedback!

Check it out here:

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