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Corvée Thomas - UMIKO VFX

Corvée Thomas - UMIKO VFX

Thomas Corvée
by Chipster on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello everyone! Here is my work on UMIKO which is my final student project. I wanted to specialize myself into VFX on Unreal Engine so here is a selection of what I've done this year.

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First, here is the main Gameplay VFX on the game. This VFX represents the sound of the staff's bells ringing in the environment. The player can use it to collect some little spirits that dive inside each bell of the staff. 

The player can also collect some crystals hidden inside the world. Moreover, he can find big rocks that act as chests and that are filled with these crystals. I made a custom animation on 3dsMax for the opening of the chests.

Here are the waterfalls of the game, they are fully customizable in Blueprint and are really cheap in the engine as I used only masked texture for this VFX.

Later in the development, I decided to add a Dash so that the player can cross the waterfalls. The player turns himself into a magic ball and I made procedural splashes when the player collides with a waterfall.

The player can also surf on a Manta Ray, I made a big puff of smoke to hide the spawn/despawn of the ray. When the player is surfing, the splashes' power is based on the player's velocity to that when he gets faster, the splashes get bigger. 

We added some blockers in the gameplay, these are magical barriers that the player can dissolve. Also when the player gets near, the barrier gets more intense.

To add more life to the game, I made various small VFX as fireflies, falling leaves, and moving foam in the water shader using the distance field. I also made a widget when the player collects a new object. To finish, I wanted to challenge myself with 2d animation so I made a handpainted fire flipbook on Adobe Animate and combined it with texture noise and particles in Niagara to blend it into the environment.

To conclude, here is the introduction cinematic I made on After Effects with the help of Gustave Besnard for the illustrations. 

It was such a great project! I would like to thank my teammates who also worked on the game: Gustave Besnard, Mathieu Mechaussier, Maxime Lecas, François Larrieu, Joe Rodriguez and Aniss Laghsas.

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