Michael Lindner's Rookies Submission

Michael Lindner's Rookies Submission

Michael Lindner
by mikeyl on 28 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here are a few projects I've made at Gnomon — School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation. My goal is to be an environment artist, working on large open world landscapes. MMORPGS are my favorite types of games. I enjoy modeling and creating complex procedural materials within unreal engine.

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F1 RB16

Made the F1 RB16 in my Hardsurface 2 class at Gnomon, taught by Gurmukh Bhasin. I really love getting into the small details when modeling, making sure all the parts seamlessly fit together.

Final video was rendered in UE5. Still images were rendered in Redshift.
Special thanks to my friend Cameron Miller for helping compose the camera shots.

The Fortress Depths

Environment created at Gnomon in my Environment for games class taught by Nate Stephens. This was my first large scale environment, which really turned my interest to continue and be an environment artist.

Concept I referenced is by https://www.artstation.com/zengfy
The concept is no longer on his artstation.

The Seasons

UE4 Master shaders working together for a snow effect over everything while freezing all water aswell.
Created all my foliage in Speedtree, heightfield in Houdini, and materials in substance designer. Using procedural texturing methods within Unreal Engine. My goal was to make everything from scratch for a reusable kit that is highly customizable.

I'm also using Unreals Imposter LOD system which are less then 10 polygons for the Trees. I tweaked their master shader to also be affected by the snow and foliage colors.

In speedtree I colored my clusters so the branches are blue and the leaf texture colors are a mix of red and green. Then in Unreal I would color it by targeting the RGB channels of the cluster texture. I did this for all my foliage for extra customizability within engine.

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