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The clown : count of dead  &  3D journey

The clown : count of dead & 3D journey

by AAOHVV on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

All of these tasks are what I started 3D and worked on using programs. I'm still a student, so I'm trying various tasks, and I've included all the processes. There were a lot of things I didn't like, but it would be nice to see how I tried to grow and studied so far. Please enjoy it! Thank you:)

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I enjoy making characters, backgrounds, and everything that I can make with 3D!

From the summer of 2021, I'll show you the work that I liked and the process that I grew up!

<the clown : count of dead>

The first work is a clown character that appears in the count of dead that I wanted to make.

The biggest attraction is that the scary facial expression of clowns and various materials are mixed to provide pleasure.

The costumes were all done from a zbrush to a sculping.

<jellybelly girl>

The second project is to see the concept art of artist "Jinwoo" and try to capture the attractive points of the character.

I tried to capture the weirdness and kitschiness together!

The outfit was made using a marvellous designer.

< carriage : the hunts showdown>

I tried to imagine a fantastic and beautiful scene at the end of the hunt : showdown!!

Everything from the background to the carriage is made by modeling :)

< backgroun artist Growth process>

These are the works that I have produced so far to enhance my understanding of the environment and 3D.

ㅑ focused on the texture and various parts!

plus . enjoy the composition and lighting :)

Thank you for appreciating my work!🙌

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