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AntiDepression | Short Film

AntiDepression | Short Film

Maria Tanggawidjaja
by MariaT on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Living in a cramped apartment alone, a girl named Lou struggles to deal with her mental health and overcome the issues she has bottled up inside her.

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Concept Story

The story begins with a girl living in a small apartment. She feels lonely and mentally down from all the things she has dealt with during her life. As she sits down and looks around her room, she realizes how botched the room is and how poor her mental health has become. She’s simultaneously pissed, miserable, dejected and hopeless. After she’s poured out all her emotions, enough is enough and she decides to leave her old life behind.


My journey in creating this short film began with making a storyboard. As I looked at my first storyboard, an idea came to mind, and I thoughts that making the animation longer would improve the storytelling. However, as I was creating the first, then the second layout of the animation I came to the realization that my ideas beginning to need more focus. To find solutions to make this film more focused is by communicating with people who have experience creating an animation. This method has helped me get directions from people who have experience with this subject. Not only that, I watch several movies to get a concept that I can improve on.

3D Environment Model

The majority of the 3D modeling in the background is from Turbosquid. Combining so many assets into a scene was a challenge, but was important to describe Lou as a person and the theme of the story. With so many assets that I have combined, I realized that I learned a new skill doing it, and one of them is making the packaging for the pill bottle.


Though my main focus in this short film is animation, without the people who created the assets in my final film, there will be challenges to face and time-consuming. Furthermore, I am grateful that all of the assets I'm using are free, and a huge thanks to Turbosquid and Gumroad for creating this short film possible. 

Poster Assets

Despite using all of the assets that I could get from Turbosquid and Gunroad, something was missing with the backdrop. I was roaming around on the internet and discovered what was missing, it was lacking cluttered objects on the wall. It was a brilliant idea because I have a digital illustration background and I can create a bunch of posters/cards that represent the personality and background of the main character. 

Animation Process

During my process of making this short film, I was contemplating how to make the film look "good". Therefore, there are a bunch of steps that look odd. The positive side is that I started to comprehend how to be a better animator and not repeat the same mistake in the future.


For the final edit of my animation, I imported all the shots into Premiere Pro and fixed things like adding dramatic color and sound effects to make the atmosphere more intense. However, one of the biggest reasons I use this program on my final film is to change the speed because it can improve the animation flow more than I can take notes on parts of the frame that I need to fix.


Maya - Used for all animation and 3D composing the set.

Photoshop - To create the storyboards an poster assets.

Premiere Pro - Used for editing shots into final film.

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