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Graduation project and portfolio 2022

Graduation project and portfolio 2022

Ondine Champetier de Ribes
by Ondine on 26 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, my name is Ondine and I'm 23 years old. I have a great passion for movies, animation works and video games since my childhood. After graduating in 3D, I was lucky enough to enter in a concept art program and here are some stuff i did during that time !

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Gifted is my graduation project :

In this world, some few peoples can use magic hereditarily. They mostly feel, condense and alternate elementary energies. They live their life mostly away from common humans to live in peace. With the use of artefacts they can affect their powers.

This story is about Eva and Elios, two childhood friends.

Eva is a gifted young witch but her father, a human, hates witches after Eva's mother left them.

Elios is a passionate novice wizard who wishes with all his heart to become the most powerful wizards with his only friend Eva




Other projects

Dad turned into wolf

I did some colorkeys for a projects about a girl whose dad turns into a wolf for the course of the great Samuel Smith

Stray cats

I had the chance to do some characters for Jens Claessens's course

Run away

I did some keyframes about a child and their dog running away from their village destruction for Oliver Ryan's course !

The Maze's Child

Had to create a character and a keyframe for a nice course with Tahir Tanis.


Project done for the game art section at New3dge with the goal of creating a video game showcase. The brief was about creating the characters for a realistic project about Hannah, a woman in her thirties, returns

to her childhood home when her mother dies. It is 1975 in the remote countryside of Kentucky.

Revisiting the house she hasn't seen in many years, Hannah rediscovers the family conflicts of her childhood and relives her brother's runaway.



Some props trigger memories and they switch from the past version to the present one.


When the project was advenced, the 3D team sent me a screenshot of the game and I did a paintover to show how it could look with different lighting and FOV


I also worked with the VFX Team at New3dge to assist them on their graduation horror movie.

 The story takes place in medieval Poland. A grieving man, Alek, went to his wife's grave, he sees an apparition of her going in the forest and decide to run after her...


I designed the Alek's face and his "wife"'s human version



Thanks for watching, hope you like my entry !

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