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My Artistic  Journey  2022_Juan Tejeira

My Artistic Journey 2022_Juan Tejeira

Juan Daniel Tejeira Zamora
by JuanTejeira05 on 30 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

These are the two projects that I have done during my higher degree (1st grade) at Fx Animation. It was a very fun journey full of challenges in which I was able to take advantage of my potential to create these magnificent projects. Hope you like it.

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Prepare to enter to the Spirit Village where the good atmosphere and joy overflow the landscape; this is a fantasy inspired by the lanter festival celebrated in China. This was a project for my higher degree (1st grade) at Fx Animation Barcelona. At the beginning I was a bit ambitious, it was my firt proyect done in Unreal and it was quite a challenge. I didn´t know the right workflow for the realization, but as the time past by I was learning and developing myself and I am very proud of the results. I want to finish with a special thanks to Miquel Sallés for some help making this a proyect a reality. Hope you like it!!!

The enviroment was designed in floting islands with a Chinese theme based on the ritual of the lanterns with a touch of spirituality. The set dressing was carefully thought out so that each area was unique and gave a different touch to the map. Added to the map, some chinese lantern particles and fireworks were implemented, the particles were made by Miquel Sallés.

Walk through the entrance and discover a wonderful world of fantasy, full of colors and lights, creating a very festive atmosphere. Explore every corner and discover its beautiful views. This gameplay was done in Unreal 4.

The character created for the game is inspired by the lion dance, a traditional dance in the Chinese culture to attract good luck and fortune.

The map has a wide variety of props to wear on stage, several of which are unique and very special. Assets 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8, except for the dragon sculpture and the ghost are made by me (Juan Tejeira) and the assets 5, 6 and half of the modular pieces are thanks to Miquel Sallés. 

Some photos of the blocking process and a concept 2D map designed by me, were made for this awesome project.

Inspired in a jester and a clown, this character is part for a fighter game with a Carnival thyme for my 3er Term at Fx Animation Barcelona. It is my first time making a realistic character and I really liked the process and the results. 


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