Spaceship - The Arrow and Hot Wheels cars

Spaceship - The Arrow and Hot Wheels cars

by yuktin on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

One of my modules for semester 1 was to make two Hot Wheels cars for the Hot Wheels Unleashed Game, and in another module in semester 2, I built a person operated spaceship with some animations. I decided to design and develop an original spaceship. So, here are the results of those journeys.

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Disclaimer: All assets used for the set dressing I did not make. The hanger props and salt pan, are assets from other people's packs. I only made the spaceship, Hot Wheels, Table, Hot Wheels sign/wall and everything that goes with it.

The Arrow - Spaceship

Here is a link to the full progression of the spaceship on polycount:

The Arrow is a High-speed space fighter made for high-speed ariel/space combat. Below is the Arrow travelling across a saltpan, parked in a hanger and presented studio setting with 3-point lighting.

It can move its wings in and out for different flying experiences, and the way it lands needs the wings to be extended due to floating pads being on the wings. The ship also rotates around the cockpit, the gyroscopically stable sphere in the body's centre. The spaceship, in theory, does not have a top or bottom but has two entrances so that the pilot can park and enter from either side.

Lighting only renders from Unreal engine.

These are the spaceship's animations, and below them are the wireframe renders and texture flats.

The detailing for the Spaceship, such as vents and panel gaps, was all done using floating geometry and a mesh decal sheet. The base textures were done through the unreal engine, and then RGB masks were made in substance painter and brought in. This way, the wear could be controlled within the engine, including how much of the masks were shown, using material layers.

The spaceship was entirely modelled in 3Ds Max, and the animations were made in 3SDs Max and brought into Unreal Engine. 

Below is the concept drawing and a breakdown of features and design decisions for the spaceship.

Hot Wheels Nissan GTR R35 and Toyota 2000 GT

I had to make two cars for the new Hot Wheels Unleashed Game, for one of my university modules. It had to be no more than 35,000 triangles with two 2048 textures. Chose the Toyota 2000 GT and Nissan GTR R35.

Lighting only renders of Nissan GTR R35 and Toyota 2000 GT from Unreal engine.

The texturing was done all through the Unreal engine and the detailing, such as the panel gaps and decals used mesh decals sheets with stickers that were masked out. The flake was a single pixel static normal map. These can be seen from the wireframe and texture flats.

The Hot Wheels were entirely modelled in 3Ds Max.

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