Jack Burtenshaw - Concept Art

Jack Burtenshaw - Concept Art

Jack Burtenshaw
by jackburtenshaw on 27 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi, I'm currently studying Visual Effects and Entertainment Design at Flinders University/CDW Studios. My focus is primarily on keyframe design, as well as environment and character design. This year I've been approaching my work from a cinematographer angle to utilize as many techniques as possible to convey emotion.

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Passing Patterns

A new project I've been working on has been heavily inspired by the Netflix series Mindhunter. This show currently only has 2 series with no plans for any future ones. I find this extremely frustrating as it's a beautiful show in almost every way, especially the way cinematography and music are used to affect viewers emotions. 

The artwork I created was multiple keyframes for a similar show. My goal was to study shots from similar films and shows as well as other work from David Fincher (the director of Mindhunter) before applying it to my own work. This allowed me to approach my work from more of a cinematographer point of view, which opened up new techniques to assist in storytelling. 


Pure is the story of a young girl named Jeela, who along with a group of refugee aliens attempts to travel across dangerous and toxic lands to reach a now outlawed spaceship offering safe passage off-world. Jeela is being hunted by the rulers of the planet, as she is a descendant of the species who the rulers call their enemies. Her species left the planet centuries ago. Brainwashed by the ruler's regime, the lead soldier hunts Jeela mercilessly, destroying those who stand in his way. Due to a disturbing past paralleling his present, cracks begin forming in his extremism mental programming.

The following artwork is a mixture of key story moments, along with world building concepts and character designs.

Star Wars

Given Star Wars has always been my biggest inspiration to work in this industry, I jumped on the opportunity to focus two of my projects on designing characters for it's universe.

The first piece is a redesign project. The brief was to select a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and to redesign them with another genre or style. I selected Zodac as he already had some small parts of his character design I liked and wanted to keep.

For this piece I photo-bashed my original costume ideas, then created a model in Zbrush. Next I imported it into Substance Painter to texture, and finally Blender to light the model.

The mysterious Makatsu Warriors are considered a myth or urban legend to many around the galaxy. They are a cult of Mandalorian warriors who broke off from the rest of Mandalore, and remained hidden until the Empire seized control. They now travel the galaxy as ghosts — surviving, and seeking a cause to fight and die for.

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