Nathan Desjardins - 2022 projects

Nathan Desjardins - 2022 projects

Nathan Desjardins
by Kondroel on 26 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here's a look at some of my projects from this year at Think Tank. I started my Foundation term last October and just recently finished Intermediate (specializing in characters for games). I've never been this busy before but I love it - learning tons!

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Foundation Term:

Sci-fi Interior


Had a lot of fun with this one - painted the concept for it too'

Final Project - Judan Bike Pilot

A little over a month's work - also painted the concept.

Intermediate Term:

Creature bust sculpt

Anatomy heavy project - also painted the concept for this one

Hardsurface Helmet

This one really pushed me to get more comfortable with ZBrush - Also painted the concept.

Prop/Vehicle Model WIP

based on concept art by Brian Sum

Final Project - White Uniform 2.0

Finished just before the end of the submission period, my favorite project to date!

Based on concept art by Henu Caulfield Joo

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