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Henri GATARD - 2021-2022 Portfolio

Henri GATARD - 2021-2022 Portfolio

Henri Gatard
by henrigatard on 26 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here's my submission for The Rookies Award 2022 in the 3D Animation Category. This is my best projects created between November 2021 and May 2022. I'm on all aspect of the creation from Concept to Final Compositing. Hope you will like it !!!!

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Here's my original Character design sketch

Modeling/Sculpting and posing in Zbrush

Texturing and Look Development in Substance Painter and Redshift

Grooming with Xgen


Background from Quixel Megascan

For this project I wanted to create an ocean scene inspired of the old theater set

My 2D Concept

I created Alpha shapes in photoshop for make the modeling and I painted this same alpha shapes for project them on the models for the texturing with Substance Painter
Lighting with Redshift


Here's my original design and sketches. At the begining it was a mount from the Ancient Egypt but during my 3D I finally decide just create the bird to save time (It was a school project)

Modeling/Sculpting in the Zbrush. I created different feathers that I scattered by hand on the bird. I use Megascans for the background my final images

For texturing I tried to mix procedural and hand painted texture inside substance painter to attempt to achieve a unique look

Lighting in Redshift

For the release of the updates of RenderMan 24, Pixar created the Iconoclast Challenge. And for this 8th edition of the Art Challenge, we had to create a full 3D image with the use of the two icons of RenderMan and Substance 3D: “The Walking Teapot” and the “MeetMat”.

I decided to create a WW1 fight scene. With Teapots as soldiers in a trench and MeetMat as a Kaporal. I wanted to create a dynamic image - like a freeze frame from a movie.

Texturing of the two characters

For add dynamism to the scene I randomly scattered dust, Fire sparks and debris with a mash

Compositing Passes/AOV

Modeling/Layout in Maya and Texturing in Substance Painter

Simulation of the coins and the gems in Houdini ( it was my first Houdini Simulation !)

Lighting/Compositing in Nuke

Project based on this quick sketch I did in the train


Modeling/Sculpting in Zbrush - Texturing in Substance Painter/Designer - Render in Redshift

For finish this submission, here's my 2021 Showreel

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