Minotaur Environment Unreal Engine 5

Minotaur Environment Unreal Engine 5

Morgan Ghan
by morganghan on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Cinematic created in Unreal Engine 5. All characters sculpted in Zbrush, rigged in Blender. Megascans we’re used for rocks and trees. The ancient ruins were pieces together from some free Epic Market assets. The landscape was sculpted in UE5. The cinematography was done with a virtual Alexa 65 /50mm and 30mm lenses.

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Minotaur Cinematic in Unreal Engine 5. A few quick character sculpts, rigging and animation in Zbrush and Blender then into Unreal to make the environment. I made use of some free marketplace assets and Megascans to fill out the level. Played with the new Local Exposure feature which was pretty cool as well. 

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