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Ignacio del Rey
by idelrey on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is Ignacio del Rey. Recently graduated at Think Tank and these 2 environments represents what I learned from it.

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Presenting my mentorship project.
The Hotel, concept by Pengzhen Zhang (

Reference view.

Challenging trying to match an stylized concept into a real size scale and let's say, realistic and functional measurements.
(seriously, that roof got me crazy)

For the roof, a few blending textures and projections to break up the instancing. 

Some perspectives showing different views. Doing so, I could find few "mistakes" that had to be taking care of.

Decided to add those cabins and not having a plane only with one stilt bar in the middle. 

For the background I used a unique image. Not used as dome. Lighting is just a Sun, environment and a supportive one for a secret spot. (underneath one fabric, as it was a bit darker and it was blending with the background).

Fully modeled in Maya and fulley textured in Substance Painter. 
Fabrics done with Marvelous Designer.
Rendered in V-Ray.

I used for the greenery megascans plants. Large Palm was the lucky one that was done by me. (Greenery was last part and had to think about timing)

Water. Well, it was a funky part. Tried to get some break ups, but after a lot of research, I wasn't able to do so. Learned a lot, as reviewing all that info, is part of the way to go!

A go through -the beauty-wireframe-clay/AO-

A go through the -beauty and the diffuse-

This is one of my favorites shots!
A close up of the main Entrance. 

Wood was the thing. And I put all the effort texturing the dock planks pathway. 

This was the last shot. I wanted something, sexy! It is kind of interesting the lighting. After the result, I'm sure I will keep playing with lights in further projects.

Presenting my Advance Environment Project.
The medieval Hall. Concept by Natcha Ngamtweerat (

The called, epic view. I really like this one! The warm lighting it gives a lot of peace.

Modeled with Maya and ZBrush.
I wanted to model as much as I could, also, knowing the expensive it was in terms of timing modeling and timing rendering, but it was a challenge. This had it cost as shown in next step.

The sculptures were done under super low poly base mesh. Not really into it at that time. The eagles surrounding the pillars were the ones were better defined. Took quite a lot, but this led me to keep playing with ZB, as each time I was opning it, my brain was twisting. In the end, everything was for good.

Modeled about 6 different tables, different benches, texturing variations for the windows, etc. Doing so for this project, I wanted also to start managing times and pushing to understand other parts involving a scene like this; not thinking only about modeling and texturing. As I said before, this led to bad results in timing. So this part is really important.

Lots of lights, lots of candles. Different lights and different candles. Proabably it wasn't necessary that much, but detailing was a must for me on this one. Practice, mistakes, undo and redo. The path is not just flat and wonderful. 

Fully textured with Substance Painter. Metal, stone and wood. Great to work with. 

Lighting. It was a crazy challenge for this piece. 


This is a revisited project.

1- Revisited
2- Original

Here what I'm showing is the previous post when I presented this project and showed to the world.
During my mentorship, while working on the other project I decided to clean up and optimize the scene as I knew it could be better. Time catched me up, I was unable to render it. 

Key thing. That clean up led me to optimize the "The Hotel" as I go and do it less expensive in terms of timing, playing around making changes, etc.

Basically I went through the whole scene cleaning each, literally, each prop and reducing as much as possible.

4K vs 2K. Not noticeable in this case. Dropped everything to 2K too. 

Few shot from the scene

Couple props, being the pillar a hero prop. 

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