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Stylized 3D Environment - Xujing Meadow

Stylized 3D Environment - Xujing Meadow

Alva Granholm
by Vivvi on 26 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A 3D environment scene and Shiba Inu model I did for my portfoilo at The Game Assembly.

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There's nothing like the feeling of a peaceful meadow. This piece was created to manifest my love for stylized environments and it took me 4 weeks halftime (4 h per day) to complete. I was very inspired by the beautiful landscapes in the game Genshin Impact and I was determined to reach a similar style and recreate the cellshaded look. I used Unreal Engine 4 as the engine for this project.

I worked a lot with vfx such as falling leaves and stylized gusts of wind to make the scene spring to life! The wind and leaves was created using Autodesk Maya to create the wind meshes and leaf planes, I then made them into particle systems using Niagara in UE4.

The trees are mesh-based with two sided foliage, subsurface colors and textures made by me in Photoshop CC. The leaves are made using planes with alpha.

And the dog model was also made by me and has 3 different possible fur-colors. The highpoly was made in Zbrush, lowpoly in Autodesk Maya and the textures are handpainted and baked in Substance Painter.

Everything in this scene was made by me except for the animation on the shiba which was done by Aron Tinz.

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