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Hardsurface and vehicle Game-ready assets by Adam Devine

Hardsurface and vehicle Game-ready assets by Adam Devine

Adam Devine
by adamd1996 on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is my entry for the Rookies awards 2022 it contains my four favourite projects from the past six months or so and I hope you enjoy my work

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1936 Auburn Speedster B/T

I'm always attempting to find new ways to push myself as an artist, making each personal project a very deliberate test of my current skills. I am constantly trying to find my weaknesses, either on my own or by reaching out to artists within the games industry, in the hopes of some much welcomed critical feedback.

A lot of the feedback I have received or have noticed myself usually has to do with my use of polygons and optimization for games and general proportion issues. so for this project, my main two goals were to work on both of these weaknesses, focusing on creating a close-to-life-like render whilst keeping the poly count down to a reasonable level for a modern video game.

Although I am pretty pleased with the end results, I do feel I could have brought that tri count down a little more without compromising the smoothness of the vehicle. but ultimately I felt this was a pretty good project and I would love to do something similar in the future.

Boba Fett's Ship

One of my favorite stages in any project is the texturing, it's such a great way to really bring a piece to life and add so much character to any model. Good texturing can really tell you a lot about an object and its history; all the little scuffs, scrapes, scortch marks really paint a picture of the countless bounty hunting endevours this ship has been on. Even being able to see alot of the under layers of paint being revealed through wear and tear can show how the ship has probably been repaired and repainted over and over again, making this ship feel like it's seen a lot of battles in its many years of use.

Metal Gear Rex

After completing an art test for a local game outsource studio I noticed one of the tasks given gave me a bit more of a challenge than I expected. I was tasked with creating a quick background asset under 2500 tri with an estimated time of 45-60 minutes. Which sounded pretty straightforward, to begin with, but I found myself struggling just a little bit to keep the poly count down that low, and by the time I was done it had been closer to 90 minutes.

So I immediately started working on that as soon as I could and challenged myself to build this Metal Gear under 25,000 tris, which felt like a good amount considering Rex's blocky form. The final tri count was 18,539 which was probably a bit low for what this is but I felt a good high poly normal map bake would be enough to detail the model pretty well without the need to increase the poly count.

H&K  MK23 Socom

Guns are something that I'm always attempting to get better at and although I feel I have improved a fair amount recently, there of course is always room to keep improving and becoming more and more efficient with practice. I think this one has definitely been one of my favorites so far, although flawed it was a very enjoyable project that I felt was a good learning experience.

The texturing was a lot of fun with plenty of scuffs, wear, and varying materials to sink my teeth into.

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