Interseallar - A Redline Film

Interseallar - A Redline Film

Christina Varlokosta
by christelia and guillaumeraynaud on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

This is our Redline project during 3rd year in Esma. We had 6 weeks for the production of a 30 sec film. This project is quite special to us and we hope you will enjoy it and all the behind-the-scenes that made this film come to life. Directed by Léna Boedec, Guillaume Raynaud, Liam Docherty and Christina Varlokosta.

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The story follows the adventures of a crazy spaceship Captain, Buzz Sealdrin, as his ship gets struck by an asteroid and gets dangerously damaged. The only person who can save the day is the vice Captain, Buzz's best friend. Enjoy!

Concept Art - Character Design

Meet Buzz Sealdrin and Max the seal, our protagonists!

Shot breakdown

Our movie is consisted of a lot of Compositing and effects heavily done in Nuke. Check out some of our shots from the first steps to the final Composited images.

Rig Breakdown

In this team, we love some good rigging. Check out the characters' rig breakdown demo reels!


Many thanks to all the people that helped us, our classmates and friends, the pedagogical team and especially Dennis McCoy, Pamela Hickey and Camille Berring for their awesome voice acting skills.

Léna Boedec: Screenwriting, Concept Art, Prop Modeling, Lighting, LookDev, Rendering, Max Texturing, Compositing.

Liam Docherty: Screenwriting, Concept Art, Storyboard, Modeling, Texturing, Asteroid Simulation, Animation, Sound Design.

Guillaume Raynaud: Screenwriting, Concept Art, Buzz Modeling, Character Rigging, Animation, Editing.

Christina Varlokosta: Screenwriting, Concept Art, Max Modeling, Prop Modeling, Buzz Texturing, LookDev, Rendering, Compositing.

Thank you for watching!

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