Langkawi Leaper

Langkawi Leaper

Claire Emmanuela
by claireemmanuela on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Langkawi Leaper is a mobile platformer game featuring The Isle of Legends and Myths, Langkawi. It features scenic sights and the gamified urban legends behind the islands we know today.

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Langkawi Leaper - Platformer Mobile Game for Naturally Langkawi

Langkawi — The Isles of Legends, is a tropical paradise. Alluring and idyllic in its natural beauty, majestic and spectacular in its cultural heritage.

A collection of 99 thickly forested tropical isles, Langkawi's mountains, islands and beaches hold records of Earth’s story that go back over half a billion years. These records tell of the birth of the land now known as Malaysia, and the monumental forces and processes that shaped it until it reached its present form.

Pandemic lockdown: Traveling and vacations, a distant memory.

I wanted to refresh and incite excitement in this tourist attraction as a hidden gem, making Langkawi the top-of-the-list travel bucketlist when the pandemic is over. As Langkawi is the isle of scenic sights and urban legends, I wanted to gamify the urban legends as levels whilst showcasing the scenic sights in levels. I created different levels (in increasing difficulty), rewarding the users a memento of every urban legend after every level completed.

The urban legends inspired by each level were:

Dayang Bunting (Easy): The Land of the Pregnant Maiden, the largest lake of Langkawi. A lake shaped like a pregnant lady in which its water is believed to have healing properties able to cure infertility.

Mount Machinchang (Normal): Twin mountains that were believed to be human beings, brothers. Quarreling during one of their siblings' wedding reception, islands nearby took shape of the things they threw.

Gua Cerita (Hard): The Cave of Stories tells about the destructive phoenix who disagreed with the coalition between Rome and China at that time, trying to sabotage the Roman Prince from meeting the Chinese Princess.

Mahsuri Curse (Insane): The accused Mahsuri, the beautiful daughter of the village head, stabbed herself with her father's keris to prove her innocence when accused of adultery. It is believed that she shed white blood, proving her innocence, and that she cursed Langkawi for seven generations, experiencing drought & flood.

Whilst creating this game, I kept in mind what I wanted the users to feel in order to determine the difficulty level and gameplay:

“I can beat this!”
- Competitive
- Agile
- Stealthy (in Gua Cerita)
- “I’m getting better at this!”

Game Mechanics

- W, A, D to move
- E to interact (will be specified with NPCs)
- Objective: Jump to the top of the map
- Collect enough coins to unlock the next level
- Progress bar will guide users how far they are

Be careful!

- Dodge projectiles and enemies, they can make you respawn
- Get to the checkpoint and pull down the lever to save your progress
- Some enemies can be avoided with stealth, some needs patience
- Some platforms are spiky, some may break, be careful!


- Mementos rewarded on the end of each level after hearing the NPC's storytelling of the urban legend
- Item pouch to display all mementos
- Satisfying gameplay experience

Try the game out!

Mac | Windows

Where to find me: Instagram | @milkcubes

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