Bismarck Golden Crowned

Bismarck Golden Crowned

by PeterHolton on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

An Attempt at recreating a giant golden-crowned flying fox. Having the ambitious goal of bringing it to life as realistic as possible for the Creature Course while attending The Animation Workshop. Thanks for looking :)

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Im currently enrolled as a 2nd year at The Animation Workshop. This piece was made over 8 weeks. Our directives were to make any creature, real or personal concept, and render it in V-Ray. This was my second time doing a proper character/creature production, and my first time with V-Ray. it was an extremely rewarding course.

A large credit to our instructors/teachers:

Brynn Metheney - Consulting on anatomy and sculpting

Daniele Orsetti - Carrying texturing and Xgen

Kim Strandli - Untangling the 3d workflow, Lookdev in VRay, and overall problem busting.

After our Initial creature-course, we had a short rigging course instructed by Lasse Steinbeck and Juli Shvets. During which I attempted to rig my bat as well. Had a nice colleague, and great animator Henrik Bagge take a shot at making flight cycle and test it out :)

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