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Paula Sánchez - worldbuilding concept art

Paula Sánchez - worldbuilding concept art

Paula Sánchez Cabello
by paulasanchezc99 on 29 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

One world where magic indicates social status but the practice of alchemy is paid with death. Suddlendly a misterious enemy, immune to magic, appears and the kindom has to be saved by the most unexpected hero.

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An enchanted concept tale

Welcome to this world, where magic indicates social status and the population has been arranged around the magical power of each one. Wizards and sorcerers have subdued those who doesn’t have magical powers, persecuting and condemning to death those who practice alchemy, since it is considered an impure and weak practice because it recuires using and exchanging the energy of others, instead of one's own.

Here we will meet Nécate. One of the greatest sorceresses of humanity, capable of projecting her power thanks to the scepter that concentrates her energy. She is able to do magic without it, but it would have negative repercussions on her own health or cause other catastrophes.

Her great power has allowed her to move between the great circles, and has helped the kingdom during different attacks from monsters and other enemies. Orphaned since she was little, she has learned to use her power thanks to her aunt, who helped her forge her scepter and taught her how to defend herself hand-to-hand.

Nécate’s characteristic objects are: her scepter, the claw and the tiara.

Besides redirecting and concentrating her magic, the scepter can be used to strike and as a symbol of power and status. When it is used, the channeling stone expands and releases the power.

While she is able to use her powers without the help of the baton, as it could have catastrophic consequences, Nécate prefers to defend herself with her ring (the claw), which is imbued with poison. This way, she wont be completely defenseless in the event of losing the scepter and not wanting to harm herself.

Finally the tiara, one of her most prized possessions, it belonged to her mother, and and allows her to preserve a sentimental connection with her, even though she died a few years ago. 

E. Scyton, under the profession of history teacher and, at first sight, an innocuous and harmless fondness for plants and their properties, Elijah secretly practices alchemy, just as his grandfather taught him. He is fearless and is always ready for any adventure that helps him prove that alchemy is a source of power as valid as magic.

Elijah's pistol is a weapon he forged himself. It is a revolver that projects bullets charged with different energies. The blue one can freeze the target; the red, burns it; the yellow paralyzes it; and, the purple one makes the opponent dizzy just by breathing the smoke.

Because the practice of alchemy has been banned and persecuted for years, Elijah has to hide his experiments from neighbors, friends and anyone who comes near his house. So he has dedicated the narrow attic hole for his studies.

It is accessed through a small trapdoor and has been stuffed to the max with furniture, books, and potions created from scratch by him. The place gives a feeling of claustrophobia and overwhelm as it has stored objects and dust over many years. The plants hanging everywhere are used in his countless experiments.

Near the port that connects the kingdom with the other regions, there is a mine that has been exploited for years to extract different minerals, which help with the prosperity of the kindom. Lately, due to exploitation, the villagers have come to a mysterious grotto that seems to hold riches and treasures. However, it is guarded by a mysterious creature that threatens the safety of those who dare to approach it.

The creature has evolved to be able to adapt to a hybrid aquatic and terrestrial environment. Its large and menacing size makes direct confrontation difficult and it appears to be immune to any traditional knives or weapons thanks to the large layer of slippery membrane that recovers all its body. Its large legs help it move at great speed between the walls of the caves, and its color allows it to camouflage. Its strong jaws and long horns show that its head is the main mean of attack. No scout who has dared to attack it has returned to tell if it is capable of attacking by any other means.

The kingdom demands that everyone who can use magic faces the monster, so Necate will lead the group of sorcerers who will try to kill the creature. When they arrive, they realize that a certain alchemist has gotten ahead them, and has even faced the Nudibranch before the group of mages.

This is the environment where the creature lives. After the exploitation of the mine, the citizens of the kingdom reached a wide and luminous area that seems to hide some secret or treasure. Human greed has led them to want to discover what is inside, but they found a threatening creature.

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