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Kevan Goy - Concept Art and Illustrations of 2022

Kevan Goy - Concept Art and Illustrations of 2022

Kevan GOY
by KevanGoy on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! Here is the work I've done during my 3rd year of Game Art school !

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I just enjoy drawing birds, and a school project allowed me to do it.

                                                                                            Artstation Challenge

The theme was "Untamed : When animals ruled the world" and I participated in the environment design field. I had a lot of fun because I could add birdmen.

   Honuata - Tohunga Whakairo

Personal Project inspired by Maori culture. I discovered lots of things about it through this project.

                 Heracles Challenge

This contest was hosted by New3dge concept art school. The goal was to represent a labor of Heracles, the Greek hero. I imagined that the story we all know don't represent exactly who Heracles was.

                              Red Hair

In school project, I had to remake the "Blue Beard" tale by Carles Perrault, and think it as a video game. With my classmates, we decided that the tale was about the introspection of the mentally ill main character. I was in charge of an extension of the universe. Here is Red Hair, a boss that represents the carnal desire, and the hotel she lives in.

                 Other personal works

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