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Medieval Tavern Environment

Medieval Tavern Environment

Mario Leone
by MarioLeone00 on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

I started this project because I wanted to explore the medieval world, I have learnt a lot through all the process. A special thanks goes to my school mentor Anton Tenitsky and to all the people that have supported me. This is a lowpoly environment rendered in AcesCG gamut

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Wide angle shot

The Bar - here we can see beer barrels and wine bottles, are you ready to get a drink?

The Food - A close up shot of a fish.

The Shelves - Here we can find plates, jugs, goblets, and cutlery. On the floor, a cow skin.

The Second Floor - reached by a stair behind the bar.

The Concept art - provided by Jeon Hyun ho such a talented artist

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