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Concept Art & Illustration - 2022 - Bastien Chapitaux

Concept Art & Illustration - 2022 - Bastien Chapitaux

Bastien Chapitaux
by Chapi on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone ! Here is my entry for Rookies Awards 2022 ! With several of the works i've done this last year. Hope you guys like it!

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Here is my graduation project done at Artside School !

We had a month to make up a world building project, thought as a video game, with creatures, props, characters and environments concepts.

Shard is thought as an open-world RPG game with The Witcher and Monster Hunter vibes.

In this universe, giant magic crystals grow in a tundra environment, which the local tribes farm for several crafting purposes. But these crystals are a double edged sword as they can also slowly grow on organic matters like parasites.



Main Character : Tanarak

NPC :  Atka


Predator :  Yutu

Mount : Pakak



Come Inside, we have fresh fish

An illustration done with the precious advices of our mentor Jeremy Vitry at Artside School, it was pretty challenging but interesting !



(Sc)Rolling Down The Hills

Design of a traveling shop done Artside School during a workshop with Elodie Mondoloni

Harbour Tavern

A house we had to design for a class with Jeremy Vitry at Artside School, the goal was to make a house fitting Darksburg's art direction in the biome called Harbour !

Cartoon Moroccan Kitchen

A cartoony environment design done at Artside School with Camille Peyrebere as our mentor.
As i wasn't familiar with cartoon style, I chose to study and follow Alexandre "Zedig" Diboine art style for this one !

Sci-Fi Gun

Sci-fi gun design we got to do at Artside School with Pascal Nicolas Tremblay as our mentor !


My first Milestone done in team at Artside School with my friend François Arnaud, as our graduation project, we had a month to make a world building project with characters, creatures, props and environment concepts.

Personal concepts

Some environment paintings I did to explore more kind of biomes.

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