Clément Tesolin  - Concept art & Illustration - 2022

Clément Tesolin - Concept art & Illustration - 2022

by Sirsolin on 25 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi ! I'm Clément , I'm 19 and at the end of my 1 year concept art class, I'm glad to show you my projects I done these last month, hope you will enjoy !

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Nkangsul project

We had to create two sets representing the same place several years apart by exploring two different atmospheres. Both images had to be from the same point of view. I first created a scene in a Tibetan theme. I was very inspired by Ruxing Gao, for the big black and gold pillars (for the atmosphere too). A decade later, a huge disaster decimated the place, leaving only ice covering the sanctuary. An exploration team coming from a modern world discovers the place.

The Robot constructor

Here, we had to create a concept from inside a robot designer's workshop. We had to light the scene with a light coming from outside. My main reference was a work called « Mankind Father, Son & Holy Ghost » by Richard Anderson.

some roughs research

I made a second version tackling a different style and exploring a whole new scene.

They come in peace

The goal was to paint an environment by adding a flying ship from an another world. We had to do the illustration with complementary colors.

Maya Temple

The goal was to make 3 black and white composition vignettes, of the same landscape, which includes a building or a construction.


The black mark

We had to create a concept art to set up the visual universe of a game entitled "Pirates: The black mark".

A group of several pirates, equipped and armed, landed with their launches on a tropical island. In the background, their ship dropped anchor. The vegetation is dense, both lush and difficult to cross. Far enough ahead of the group, two scouts are looking for the way to through the jungle. Beyond, about to be discovered by scouts a mysterious temple emerges from the vegetation, promise of fortune... or perils.

I was greatly inspired by Romain Jouandeau for the graphic identity of the scene.

The Oriental Disaster

In this new project, we had to realize a concept art of Paris 200 years after a cataclysm. A flying ship arrived over Paris and summoned desert heat and giant sandstorms over the city. 200 years later, the huge wreck is beached in the town. There are traces of its ravages and the changes made by the population to survive the desert climate and sandstorms...


The priest Aku-Aku

The goal was to create a priest from a cult built around a famous video game or animation character. We had to do a line art respecting the graphic style of mobile games, 3/4 face and 3/4 back with 3 mediums of gray. I decided to make my priest in connection with the Aku-Aku voodoo mask from the game Crash Bandicoot ! It's a game that rocked my childhood, so it was a obvious choice :D

Athlete in the stars

Here, we had to make 3 variations of a "costume" of a sports athlete from the Star Wars universe. The rendering had to be done on line with 3 variations of gray. So I chose golf, a sport that I really like. It was hard to imagine sportswear in this universe but fun to design !

 I choose to do my characters in the DA of Adrian Wilkins, which well matched with the subject.


The goal was to design a character from a scene in the film "Troy" by Wolfgang Petersen. We had to build the character using photobashing. I preferred to make a decomposing human creature, some kind of huge zombified brute. It was really fun to do it !

Bizzbling, character design for the game "Dota 2"

That's Bizzbling! A chara design that I created following the artistic direction of the Dota 2 game. So I decided to make a goblin. The goal was to make a thin and "dark" character with predominantly cold colors. I also had fun to putting him in the game's character information pages ! It was a very cool project because it refers to one of my characters that I play on World of Warcraft !

For the curious, here is a short passage of its history :)


In the depths of the sewers, anguish reigns supreme. The Royal Guards of the cities protected the population at the cost of their blood... but in vain. Bizzbling, the greatest murderer of the century is known to murder and coldly rob his victims. Guard at your feet, it may well be that one night, misfortune falls in an unexpected way...


There are some props I done in class. We had to imagine 8 objects for sale at an antique dealer, the objects had to have a magical/fantastic side.

And that it ! It was a great year for me and I learned a lot of my mistakes. I just can't wait to be next year and to surpass myself in each project ! Thank you for the time given to my portfolio !

The works I posted are not put in chronological order.

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