Marco Romero - Concept art 2022 portfolio

Marco Romero - Concept art 2022 portfolio

Marco Romero Molero
by MarcoRomeroMolero on 24 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

A series of personal and original projects I'm working on.

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Ti Amo.

Ti amo, it's an original idea I had a year ago for an animated short film. In which Pedro, a man who is hungry, decides to prepare a cake, and LOVE arises... I made the 3D layout of what the short film would be like and the concept art part such as the character design...

The Dark Merchant. 

In this project of The Dark Merchant I wanted to develop a character with a more creepy tone, who would carry many objects, so that later I could make the design of some of these in more detail. I also made a landscape design for this character.


Netherak is another original idea I had for a short film. It tells the story of Netherak, a young goblin who lives with his people, working as a miner. Collecting precious minerals, which give them powers.

They are attacked by Murgar, an evil lord orc who wants to get hold of the power gems.

The Hunter.

It is a creature that adorns its body with the trophies hunted by it. It uses living humans as bait, whose dying screams draw prey to it.

Abyssal Creatures.

After designing several creatures, select two and try to make a hyper realistic rendering.

Organic Weapon.

Weapon skin coupled with the visual style of the creatures I've done before.

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