Art Showcase 2022

Art Showcase 2022

Adrià Cabello Crespo
by adro on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Welcome everyone to my contest entry! This post contains a total of 4 projects that I did for Animum's Advanced 3D Production Master Degree. Thanks for passing by and enjoy!!

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The King's Welcome

Creating a environment from a concept art.

I love making huge environments, and I loved making this one the most. The original concept art's made by Jeremy Fenske.

Most of the vegetation is made from scratch since I used references of forests near me in Catalonia. I went next to my home to scan some plants and convert them to PBR textures using Substance Sampler.

This next image is a showcase of some of it:

Intense gamer

Goin' full photorealistic.

This is my lastest project using a Playstation 3 model I made in December.

After finishing the last project two weeks ago from the time writing this I started this one.

I wanted to resemble a typical COD player like the ones that insult you every time gets killed in the game. A typical stressed 20-ish guy who lives in their parent's house, unemployed, that drinks cheap beer and a lot of energy drinks and smokes a lot as well.

Inspired by the work of Cornelius Dämmrich.

Desoto Fireflite Sportsman 1957

Creating a car from a blueprint.

The first module of the Master Degree was to make a car. I picked this one since it remembers me those lowpoly cars from GTA San Andreas.

Lighting based on this set of images.

Lighting Test - Lecture Room

I lit this scene for Nacho Corrales' class. I made the lighting and postcompositing phases on this scene.

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