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Burggraeve Emeline
by emelinebrgg on 23 May 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In the mountains, a chairlift. it is the door that leads to a summit, without it it is impossible to ascend and descend there.. as there is not hope for them to return, the lost adventurers who failed the crossing are left to oblivion.. That's what our hero's herd thought, He went home, how did he do it?

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Sketches and color research, I did not yet know the story that was going to create it but I wanted to take a chairlift. For the colors I used a color palette from the movie "skyfall"
Following the advice of my mentor, I switched to Maya to create my scene, and to put the light

I then tackled the work of shadow and light textures

work on composition

and add details

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